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About Arrowhead Creek Vineyard

Welcome to Our Story
We say, “our” because you’re now an important part of it. We are a family of dreamers that stumbled upon an incredible piece of property that has been welcoming visitors for hundreds of years.

Let’s start from the beginning. Our 14-acre estate was once home to local Native American tribes, evident by the incredible arrowheads we’ve found showing the remnants of early inhabitants that lived, hunted and thrived in this area. Legend says they found their way to this property because of its elevated location where the Pedernales River meets Three Mile Creek. These two waterways converge and provide ample resources to this day. The waters are rich with Bass (Largemouth, Striped and White), Carpe, Catfish and scores of Turtles. Wildlife including Axis, Whitetail, Rabbit and Turkey have roamed the land and call this area home. 

In the early 1900s the Beckman family purchased this land and utilized it as a working ranch, farm and homestead. They raised Chickens and Cattle, farmed Pecans, and built a family home near what is now, Highway 290. Generations of the Beckman have graced this property. Two notable family members were laid to rest under a heritage oak and can still be visited to this day. When the Beckman’s sold the property to Chris and Tia Aspra, they found the perfect family to pass their legacy on to. The Aspra’s undertook a massive cleanup and modernization of the property with the complete remodel and rehabilitation of the Beckman house, turning it into a wine tasting room. They added a two-acre vineyard planted with Tannat and Mourvèdre and truly brought the property back to life.

The newest stewards of this storied estate have the vision of sharing this very special place through delicious wine, unique events, and new stories to be shared for years to come. Josh and Candice White with their two children Dylan and Hudson, Mark and Kim Isbell and family, have come together to reimagine this property, tell its stories and share its soul with a whole new group of visitors. With unique experiences planned in the historic buildings on property (like our Dance Hall and Ice House), Arrowhead Creek Vineyards future is brighter than ever.

We welcome all to explore this wild land still brimming with stories new and old. Remember, every family has a story, welcome to ours.